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  A new era for supervision

It has been suggested that the emergence of supervision as a profession followed three major developmental stages. Born initially within psychoanalysis supervision quickly adapted, in its second stage, to the various perspectives of the models of counselling that flourished with the fragmentation of the therapeutic world. The third stage involved the incorporation of developmental models of supervisor and supervisee learning alongside the various social roles that described the supervisory relationship. Throughout this time many authors formulated models of supervision emphasising distinctive perspectives on the fledgling profession.

In a new "fourth era" supervision has been liberated from the philosophies that underpin therapy and has developed an alliance with philosophies of learning. This is an era characterised by "cross-professional" supervision in which skilled supervisors facilitate learning environments across a wide range of professions. An era in which supervisees bring the insights of their own profession while supervisors contribute a core set of knowledge and skills that assist supervisee learning. The major challenge for supervisors is to stop thinking and engaging from the perspective of their core training and think like facilitators of supervisee learning.

Through a series of three two-day workshops I present my new "process framework" for supervision that suggests an epistemological basis for the way in which supervisors facilitate learning. This is one in which supervisees are encouraged to reflect on the intense empathic impact of their clients, draw meaning from that experience and apply it in their practice. The reflexive, non-shaming learning environment of the process framework is at the service of facilitating firstly self-awareness through reflexivity, secondly other-awareness through empathy and finally therapeutic awareness through reiterative empathy.

More details will be posted on the site later and in the meantime if you would like to know more about the supervision training opportunities do please get in touch with me.

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