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Framework for Transformation


 A Process Framework for Participative Leadership: generative conversation and empathic listening

 More than half of the world’s children today suffer conditions of deprivation such as poverty, war, and HIV/Aids. 
As a result, 40,000 children die of preventable diseases every day
.  (Otto Scharmer)

Describing our ways of managing change Scharmer identifies two positions we can adopt.  The first, with which we are very familiar, is that of turning towards the past to see how we previously managed, drawing on our learning from previous experiences to respond to today’s need.  He describes this as ‘downloading from the past’ and suggests that the changes we face today are so unprecedented that in many cases the past no longer provides guidance for the future. 


The alternative is to turn boldly towards the future itself, access our deeper sources of wisdom and guidance and, through attending to what is emerging, facilitate a new reality.

In order to adopt the second stance we are challenged to develop an Open Mind (through suspending familiar voices of judgement), an Open Heart (through silencing cynicism to listen empathically) and eventually an Open Will (through facing our deepest fear) letting-go of what we know to let-come the emerging future. While these ideas are being ‘discovered’ by many contemporary leaders they would have been very familiar to the founders of Religious Congregations.

Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will provide a lens through which to experience and reflect on Religious Life and Leadership at a profoundly intimate and challenging level. They offer opportunities for generative conversations and empathic listening that transform relationships with self and others co-creating a more vital engagement with a Congregation’s purpose.

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