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‘We live in a time of massive institutional failure, collectively creating results that nobody wants. Climate change.  AIDS.  Hunger.  Poverty.  Violence.  Terrorism. The foundations of our social, economic, ecological and spiritual well-being are in peril.’  (Otto Scharmer, 2008)

Scharmer captures well the dilemma of many people today attributing the resultant despair to a loss of connection with the underlying ‘Source’, which gives meaning and purpose to life.  This loss however is not a product of our times only.  Speaking 700 years ago Meister Eckhart wrote:

‘Commerce is supported by keeping the individual at odds with himself and others, by making us want more than we need, and offering credit to buy what refined senses do not want.  The masses become shackled; I see how their eyes weep and are desperate - of course they feel desperate – for something, for some remedy that a poor soul then feels needs to be bought.’  (Meister Eckhart)

Most of the people and groups I work with paint vivid pictures of profound loneliness and crippling isolation as their core dilemma.  Attempted solutions have often resulted in ultimately damaging and destructive relationships and behaviours.  However, at some point desire from within awakens the realisation that there is another more productive way.  They initiate a conversation with me because there is something right with them rather than something wrong.
Generative conversations and empathic listening have the capacity to heal and restore.  Words weave webs of connection that form bridges for meaning and emotional relationship.  They offer an opportunity to re-connect with our Source, to remember who we are and to restore our lives to their highest level.

‘They can be a great help – words.
They can become the spirit’s hands and lift and caress you.’  (Meister Eckhart)



Conversations heal by replacing the internal destructive voices of judgement, cynicism and fear with the resourceful voices of acceptance, hope and compassion.  Bobby Moore Consultancy is at the service of conversations for individual and collective transformation whether in therapy, supervision, organisational change or participative action research. I hope you find the site informative and helpful and would really welcome feedback.

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